Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekends should be 5 days...

I had a really awesome blog planned for last week, but it didn't work out! Work has been crazy so I've been spending my downtime just soaking up John and Ikey and preparing for another day. So now we'll just shoot for next month when Ike turns 9 months. Yeah, NINE. MONTHS. What the?! But let's not get ahead of ourselves!!! He's a beautiful, bubbly, bouncy 8 months and I'm going to savor it!
Anywho... We took Ike to the creek yesterday! He's definitely a water bug! He loved it!!! He swam with John for well over an hour while this Momma basked in the love of her boys and had a cold one! Is that a perfect Saturday or what?! Then we roasted hot dogs on the fire and had wafflecones full of melty chocolate and marshmallows and banana goodness! Mmmm!
Today we have more or less taken it easy. John mowed and I cleaned the chicken coops. OH!!! AND WE GOT OUR FIRST EGG!!! WOO! My girls have become ladies! Gracious! Burgers on the grill with corn and my favorite homegrown tomato, cucumber,and onion salad! Yet another fabulous day here on the ranch! ;)
I made some shirts yesterday, too! Looooove, love, LOVE this! I'm going to make some new screens tonight (I hope), and then I'll have some more options! I think my entire wardrobe will be hayikeysmom apparel, so if nobody else buys them, at least I'll have cute shirts! I should have my business license soon and then I'll be ready to roll!
Okay, well, I just wanted to check-in... I have a lot to do to get us ready for the week!
Take care!

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