Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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So, it’s true… I’m a terrible blogger.  It may not come as any surprise that I’m awful at keeping a diary, too.  But every now and then, I still try!  Oh well, I’m not giving up just because it takes me two weeks (three, maybe?) to get back around to it!  It doesn’t speak to the passion I have for sharing my life experiences, I promise!  I’m just busy.  Between work, John, Ike, and our home, I stay in 5th gear!  …but that’s not a complaint!  Definitely not!  I wouldn’t change a thing!!!  Sure, I could take more time to do things like write a blog or take a bath, but I would have to give up some super precious moment with my wonderful little family OR give up some sleep.  Frankly, neither is an option.  So, we’ll just have to deal with my sporadic posts and be happy knowing that when I’ve posted something new I am officially caught up on house work and sleep.  (Yeah, right.)

So anywho, here’s what we’ve been up to… John’s sister and her family came for a night a couple of weekends ago and we had an absolute blast with them!  It’s so nice being around someone who has kids close to the same age as Ike!  There’s just that understanding that we’re both tired and borderline cranky and in love beyond words!  It’s just a good feeling!  Plus, there’s no judgment being passed about the house not being in perfect order or dirty dishes in the sink; just siblings with their spouses and their children all together and being a family.  So yeah, it was a good weekend.  We grilled and took the kids to the creek!  It’s been blistering hot, so the cool water was perfect! 

John’s friend from Colorado and his <entire> family came down for an Ozarks vacation the week after that so we had them up for some hot dogs and fishing at “the lake”.  We hardly ever have company, so having two different sets of people over in 4 days felt like a whirlwind!  It’s always nice to see people that you don’t get to see often enough, but it’s always nice when the house can settle back down and everybody can get back on their routine, too!  Maybe one of these days we’ll be able to do that!  Our routine has been shot and I’m afraid it’s not looking to get any better anytime soon!  Again, not a complaint!!!

John went frog giggin’ Saturday with a neighbor… I have no issues with hunting or fishing or even gigging, but I just cannot CANNOT cannot go frog giggin’.  Yack.  But I digress…  So yeah… we’re up to three eggs a day from the girls!  Pretty exciting stuff, I know!  It’s so funny because life is always so interesting and there’s always so much going on, and then when I sit down to write a blog my mind just drains of all things fun and interesting and all I can remember is how many eggs they’re laying!  Oh, here’s one… Ikey has been sick.  Again.  I think it’s just allergies this time since he hasn’t had a fever or anything.  He’s just been extremely congested and we’re fighting it with breathing treatments and watered down formula.  Thinning his formula by just half an ounce seems to keep him from choking while he’s taking his bottles and I just can’t say enough good things about the nebulizer.  The breathing treatments make a world of difference!  Not to mention it’s a frog named Roscoe.

I’m waiting patiently on my retail sales license from the state and then I’ll get my merchant license from the county and be ready to roll with hayikeysmom!!!  I’ve made some new screens and that went REALLY well!  WAY better than the first set!  I made some shirts over the weekend for my sister, niece, and of course myself.  I’m up to four now and that’s pretty much all I wear at home.  I ventured out in a Hay Mom shirt last week and Ikey was rockin’ his Hay Dude shirt and we got some cool compliments, so I’m feelin’ good about that!  Up next is business cards and then I’ll start promoting!  Everything is still more-or-less at a standstill until I get my license and can order shirts and supplies wholesale, but I’m really ready to get started and see where it can go!

We’re packing for our TN trip, so wish us safe travels!  I’ll have a really amazing post and some awesome pictures when we get home!  Promise! 

Take care,

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