Wednesday, June 24, 2015

*tap, tap* this thing on?, this is blogging? Well, today, I'm creating an idea that I can be truly passionate about. Honestly, there are boat loads of things I'm passionate about, but today I'm creating an opportunity! There will be more to come on that... Much more! Like, you'll be annoyed about it, but hey it's MY blog. I'm also planning the next Ike Adventure back to my hometown! Nothing like a 9 hour drive with a 7 month old! ...and a grouchy husband! He won't be alone in that mood, though since we're leaving after work on a Thursday! Yeesh. Always worth it, though! And this time even more so, because we aren't telling my mom! Surprise!!! Bahahaha, this should be good! I'll let ya know... Okay, but back to this blog! So I'm going to be sharing my day-to-day with you and just putting down my thoughts! It should be a good time! There's always something hilarious going on in my world (what can i say? I prefer to laugh than cry, and have some pretty crazy <bad> luck.) so I hope this is at least somewhat entertaining! I'm a little sarcastic, a lot random, and pretty laid back! Come on down and join me, my hardworking husband, and our super good-looking son on this little ride we call life! And welcome to Ike Land & Cattle!!!

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