Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hay Y'all

Well, I ended up getting Ikey’s cold, but no fever so I guess I’ll consider myself lucky!  Just a lovely hack and the girls at work have decided my near constant nose-blowing has transformed to more of a Goose than a Moose!  Nothin’ like progress! 
Ikey got his 6 month shots yesterday (yes, he’s nearly 8 months, but he was sick and therefore late on his 4 month shots, and was sick and late AGAIN when it was time for the next round!) He weighs right at 18lbs and is basically 27” long!  (We round up; what of it?)  That’s 25th percentile on weight and 10th on height!  I think he’d make a good linebacker someday! …if, of course, he were allowed to play contact sports!  Which he is not.  Ever.  Seriously.  In fact, I’m looking into bubble suits. 
Anyway, I’m DYING to get started on some shirts, but I can’t do much until I have my business license and the ability to order wholesale (which is my new favorite word, ahthanku)!  So for now I just daydream and keep searching for blank shirts I can practice on!  I got a little wild with the ink on my first shirt, but nothing a little duct tape can’t fix!  The toughest part is going to be getting the ink mixed so that the color is what I’m wanting!  It dries A LOT darker than I imagined!  I’ll add some pictures of the shirts I’ve made so far!  I’m pretty excited!  I LOVE the fit of these, but I’ve found some I think I’ll love even more!  Nothing but the best for hayikeysmom gear!!! 
So we’re starting to plan our TN Trip… again!  The first one totally fell through, but it actually worked out that we stayed home over the 4th of July!  Ikey was sick and there was that crazy-toxic-chemical-spill burning back home, and then I ended up sick, so being at home was really nice.  A couple of our neighbors came over and we did some fireworks for Ike and roasted hot dogs!  He was less than impressed with our $8 worth of “fountains”, but we didn’t want anything that was going to make noise and scare him!  (Think: bubble suit).  In hindsight, a little pop might not have been so bad!  It was a lot of fun, nonetheless!  Plus, I got to show off my Hay Mom shirt and my very honest neighbor told me she thought people would actually buy them!  SCORE!
Other than some pretty gnarly storms yesterday, it’s been a normal week.  Work, Ikey, farm, Ikey, eat, sleep, and, oh yeah, Ikey.  I hit the rowing machine on Monday, but have been taking it easy since I have this amazing first-of-July head cold.  Also, I’ve mastered the art of screwing up my form to the point of the whole workout being arms with a little legs and zero core.  Awesome.  If you’d like tips on how to accomplish this feat, just let me know.  I may do a tutorial. 
…on that note, hope you’re having a good day!  TAKE IT EASY!!!

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