Monday, August 1, 2016

What I did to make the Earth a better place!

So, let’s talk about Grove Collaborative!!!  I’m basically obsessed with them.

I get ALL my household cleaning items from their website, not to mention the majority of our toiletries!  Wait, I lied, I use Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar, and I can’t get that on their website <yet>.  But that’s the only thing I buy “in town”.  (You’ll see me reference going to town quite a bit, because when you live out like we do and it’s ½ mile to even get to the dirt road plus another 24 to get to the first sign of civilization, it’s a big deal!)  J  But okay, so… to put it simply, I love them.  Not only is their customer service TOP NOTCH (Hayyyy Maria!), but their philosophy is incredible!  They offer natural products, free of harsh chemicals and just plain weird ingredients, and they make them easy to purchase and pretty dang affordable!  WHY WOULDN’T YOU WANT THAT?! 

I use Seventh Generation laundry detergent, dishwasher packs, dish soap, hand soap, paper towels, and I even use their pads (sidebar: I gave up tampons a while back after reading some pretty terrifying facts on the chemicals they contain. Check out the article here.  I figured while pads still contain the chemicals, at least I wasn't inserting them into a very important area, ifyaknowwhatimean!  But now I’m chemical- and worry-free!).

Anywho, so I get a shipment once a month, easy peasy!  I joined the VIP so all my orders ship for free, (I think it cost me like $19 to join for a year, but that was a special they offered after my initial order).  I can adjust my shipment dates and I get text and email reminders before my orders ship so I can make any last many changes to my order. 

I use my cart as a running shopping list; as something starts running low, I just add it to my cart and forget about it.  Last month we were planning a camping trip so I moved my shipping date up a week to make sure I was stocked up on Acure sunscreen (just wear the damn sunscreen, y'all) and my coveted Aura Cacia Tea Tree Oil before we left!  Like I said, super easy.

Now, please believe, I’m not being endorsed to write this, (although, I wish I was… is anybody listening?!  Grove?!) but mostly I just wanted to share this company and the awesome thing they’re doing.  I truly TRULY believe that we need to be more conscience of what we put in and on our bodies and also what we are using in our day-to-day lives!  All.  These.  Chemicals.  Grove makes it so easy to make the healthier choice!  …plus, no phosphates in my laundry detergent?!  It’s not just good for my family, it’s good for our planet!  That is what you call a WIN-WIN, ladies and gents!!!  Ow Owww!  <insert Happy Dance here>

Not to mention they randomly put freebies in with my order!  I got a razor that changed my life, the best candle I’ve ever experienced (Sandalwood + Vanilla), and an awesome dish brush!  I even got $5 off an order because I happened to mention that my son broke out after using a body wash I had gotten for him.  I didn’t request a refund or anything (honestly, I wasn’t even complaining about it!); Maria just did it!  I mean, they’re amazing people!

Now the only reason I go into Walmart <shudder> is if I need milk or my fave cleaning vinegar (…and, of course, yarn)! 

So there, and you’re welcome!  Check them out… Google the ingredients in your beloved Tide… you’ll be glad you did.  Or not.  K  (another sidebar:  I haven’t missed my Tide one bit and admittedly I was totally skeptical about changing this one. BUT THEN, I even quit dryer sheets!!!  YESSSS!  I use these wool dryer balls …it seems she’s moving and the shop is temporarily closed.  Worth the wait for these puppies, though!  They’re so cute and with a few drops of Lavender EO my laundry smells magical!) 

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