Thursday, August 4, 2016

Never ever doubt others...

So last week, I was looking for amazing crochet patterns (as per usual), and I found several I figured I could accomplish fairly well, even with my total newbie badge ablaze!  I bought three from Jessica at The Hook Nook, and one from another source (also on Etsy), but the shop shall remain anonymous.  

Of course, Jessica's patterns were not only beautifully written and, in my eyes, extremely desirable as a finished product, but she proudly thanks you for supporting her family and says go ahead and sell the puff stitch beanies you make, just mention me in the process!  AWESOME!  

So I was pumped!  I felt like I was on a roll!  I finished several beanies and decided to try something different!  This is when I bought the other pattern!  It's also beautifully written and the finished product will appear complex and be totally gorgeous, but much to my dismay the pattern states bluntly "This is for private use only.  You may NOT sell the finished items."  
Whoa.  I wasn't ready for that!  I was a little pissed, honestly.  I felt like I paid for the pattern, and it's not like I'm out to steal her biz, ya know?  Why the hate?   So I immediately emailed Jessica and thanked her profusely because she is so selfless and helpful!  But I never reached out to the anonymous shop owner... I just stewed silently.

Well, friends.  Today I left 5 star review on the other beanie pattern, because I canNOT lie, the pattern was amazing and the beanie is totally adorable.  And you know?  The owner of the shop emailed me back within MINUTES and gave me permission to sell what I made.  

Here I was hurt and disappointed and felt all of these insanely petty emotions over being told "please don't pimp my pattern" and then she just out-of-nowhere says, "hey go for it!"  I wrote her back and thanked HER profusely this time.  I vowed not to sell them on my Etsy page, but I will definitely have them available in my stash for locals.  

Talk about a slap in the face, though.  All of that doubt and assumption of a complete stranger and for what?  She is actually a supremely kind and caring individual that I labeled as selfish without ever even having a conversation with her.  SHAME ON ME!

So the moral of the story:  never ever doubt others.  The goodness is there... go find it.  

Love one another and support, support, support!  :)  There's enough to go around, I promise!  

ALSO... Knit Picks, y'all!  SOOOO in love with this one!

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