Friday, July 22, 2016

The comfort shawl...

So here's a link to a wonderful pattern that's not only amazingly beautiful, but beginner friendly (YAY!), and so full of soul that it brings tears to my eyes!  The Serene Comfort Shawl.  

The Comfort Shawl, y'all.  Wow.  You know all those times where you're like "oh I'm so sorry, I'm keeping you in my thoughts", and then you're just lost?  Like, you know the words are so appreciated and for a brief moment floated through the air and uplifted the recipient, but then what?  You're left thinking "man, I wish there was something I could do..." well search no more!  The idea behind a Comfort Shawl is epic.  Utterly amazing.  Sweet, pure, and so so kind.  It's a wonderful blanket-ish, sweater-ish hug!  ...that lasts forever!  Seriously.  Can you think of a more heartfelt gesture?  Nope.  I would just die if someone did something so incredible for me!  And they don't have to be strictly for times of sadness; you could do them for expectant mothers, or graduates, or anything really!  

And for reals, there are tons upon tons of patterns for these puppies!  They're also called Prayer Shawls, so you may want to reference that as well!  I actually ordered this book from for $3.59, and while it's called Everyday Shawls they have several books specifically for Prayer/Healing/Comfort Shawl patterns!  I would assume that all these guys are interchangeable, though, no?  A shawl is a shawl is a shawl... It's all about the love and thought you put into it as you're making it.  Heck, you could make dishrags and send them, just as long as you make them with all your love, amiright?  

Also, you can put little cards or poems or notes or whatever with the item that sort of state the purpose... here is what I came up with after doing some research about the shawls and reading <what felt like> thousands of examples (note: I did not compose this 100%, but you could say that I put my own "Melania" spin on it.  Too soon?):

This shawl contains no magic; it has no enchantment or mystical powers.  It is intended to be an object of comfort for the one who receives it.  It is a warm embrace and a reminder that you are loved.
…and I hope that in it, you find comfort from all that appears too much to bear.
        May this shawl be a shelter in time of overwhelming grief, a glimmer of hope in times of sorrow too deep for words, and a shield from times of unimaginable loss.
        May you be comforted by the presence of those who love and support you, by faith in the everlasting, and by the memories you hold nearest to your heart.
        May you be strengthened in your daily comings and goings, in the excitement of new beginnings, and in the memories that await you!

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