Tuesday, June 30, 2015

sick days with a sick baby...

So it's been nearly a week since my last post, and I am one light bulb closer to the big idea I eluded to in my last blog, which also happens to have been my first blog! Seriously, one light bulb. But that's okay, because everything is due to be delivered by Friday! Keep your fingers crossed!!!
Ikey got sick over the weekend and his fever broke early yesterday morning so I thought I would try to go to work. He lasted 2.5 hours before the daycare called and told me to come get him! I feel like I need to mention that normally I would've kept him home with me after a fever, but with the new attendance policy they're enforcing at work, I needed to at least try to be there. Well that didn't work and we're at home again today, but that's fine with me because it's right where my baby needs to be. He's doing tons better today, but has a mean cough and a pitiful little raspy voice. We watched Madagascar and now he's taking a good nap!
We had a pretty busy weekend... Saturday we got up early and worked the cattle at "Pete's". (We have three farms and they have unintentionally earned nicknames, but it's really the only way to keep up with who is where! There's "Pete's", "Across the Road", and "The House"!) We've had a pretty strong run of Pink Eye at Pete's, so we got them up and hopefully we got on top of it. There were a couple with watery eyes Across the Road, but we got that plenty early enough. John sprayed for a while that afternoon and ended up with a flat on the big tractor. It has duals, and of course, the flat was on the inside tire! So Sunday we took the tires off and loaded the busted one and the spare to take to town. Then I cleaned the garage, because it seems the chickens have decided it makes a good hang out and John moved the rest of the hay to the barn. After I cleaned the coop, and freshened up the nesting boxes (the girls should start laying any day now!), me and Ike broke in the new hammock! Pretty basic weekend until Sunday night when Ikey's slight cough turned into a full-blown cold with a fever and mad congestion. I hate it when he feels bad... Breaks my heart to see him like that. But it's good for his immune system. (Read that with air quotes and a dramatic eye roll.)
ALSO, the rowing machine came... I am <apparently> insanely out of shape, but I'm sort of obsessed with it right now!

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